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Friday, October 14th, 2011
5:10 pm
Ever read the Village Voice? They have a horoscope column. mine:
LEO [July 23–August 22] I love Adele's voice. The mega-famous British pop singer has a moving, virtuoso instrument—technically perfect, intriguingly soulful, capable of expressing a range of deep emotion, strong in both her high and low registers. And yet there's not a single song she does that I find interesting. The lyrics are clichéd or immature, the melodies are mostly uninspired, and the arrangements are standard fare. Does what I'm describing remind you of anything in your own life, Leo? A situation you half-love and are half-bored by? An experience that is so good in some ways and so blah in other ways? If so, what can you do about it? You might be able to improve things if you act soon.

I threatened to post me practicing Accordion on the YouTubes? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UpnaG4mkwA

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Thursday, September 1st, 2011
4:22 pm

(pictures no longer enabled)


(pictures no longer enabled)


i AM FINE and playing often; getting better; continuing to add songs. Still don't look at the keys enough. The harmonic Experiment is working. I am learning all kinds of tricks on the LH in an attempt to accomodate all the different artists.


Glen Campbell, has a new album release. He was in NYC hyping the collection. Here is the URL to two pages in the Village Voice: http://www.villagevoice.com/2011-08-31/music/glen-campbell-says-goodbye-on-ghost-on-the-canvas/


It's long past time to get some video before your eyeballs.


Apparently I need to send money for the privilege of blogging. There are no photos because the software here at the journal is tricking me today or the platform is absorbing a management faux pas. Note to self: check observation's thesis, divest self of LJ stock. The entire blogging thing is self-indulgent except for those who are dedicated to the form. It is now convoluted. For me, it should be less typing and more accordion-playing.

Current Mood: stressed
Sunday, May 15th, 2011
3:02 am


I've put songs on my playlist and taken them back off;  always changing what is on the jerry-rigged music stand (see earlier posings).
I had so much music, that, to play through them all required over two hours.  So I cut out the songs I thought I was farther away from actually committing to memory.  Allowing for taste, modernity and subjective notions of coolness, I carted all but 90 minutes' worth of sheet music back upstairs to the Script O' Toreum.

There, across the bed, lay my beauties - the rest of the harem rests as I pay all attention to the siren songs downstairs.  I still think romantically and often about Moonlight Serenade, Is She Really Going Out With Him and Desperado.

I've finished off one plateau and secured myself on the next.  Every Breath, Something, Ohio, Wonderful Tonight and a few others are actually close to being paperless.


I throw down a one-octave M and min scale before playing a song. . . when I rmember.  So if a tune is in F, I play the F scale.  because F is the lowest key and also appears high, I sometimes do a 3 octave F maj.  then I do a normal D min since D is the relative minor of F.  Like any accordion player would do, I just hop up three rows on the LH from F past C and then G to the third step of D where I stop and then switch my 2d finger from M to m and play a minor scale. 

Maestro Stricker used to remark about playing a scale against its relative minor -- then, in the context of Bb and G min.  I should try that sometime. 


roland wants to port its well-regarded accordion sound to generic keyboards.  Now it can say, "look, all these excellent accordionists from around the world just love our acadian helikonic italian blue steel alpine mellifluous imitation cyber reeds!"  And the next time Billy Joel wants an accordion sound, he will not summon Dominic Cortese's protege, but will hand some sheet music to the piana playa an' give him a chunk of silicon with Fidardan or Trossingistic DNA.  Then the FR-exes will either go away or become awesome Wii controllers.


Kei$ha, keep it up and you will soon be dating me.


Bugs, Eddie Vetter, Pearl Jam.


but we seldom see the middle parts - just the treble and bass clef parts.  reading bass clef is like when someone says, "16th century" or "17th century;"  you have to think "wait, I have to subtract back one century to make this calculation."  "bass clef?  Wait!  that C has to be moved up one whole line to E.  Okay.  I think we have it."

It's more like rocket surgery than brain science.

Mario Crocchetti, Western Pennsylvania

Right now, while American ("United Statesian") kids are getting tattooed sleeves and punctured eyebrow jewelry, ten million Chines kids are strengthening both their right- and left- side thinking by practising Accordion. 


Beltrami P6


Look for kings of Leon all over the mtv and wh-1 for the next coupla weeks.  They have a storytellers episode coming out this weekend.  Storytellers and MTV's Unplugged are two of the best shows on the tv.  Their big hit is Use Somebody.  Their songs will have a catchy suspension they pound the hell out of while they work some other hook.  Use Somebody has a whiney call and a confident response.  The kids are actually religious, so expect the Creed treatment for them sometime soon, i.e., pop culture references to how 'KoL sucks.'

ECHOs of the PAST

Duran Duran is back back.  What's up with David Byrne?

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Friday, February 25th, 2011
3:49 am
How Larry King Used to Write

Dropkick Murphys release new song in support of Wisconsin workers!"

That article quotes a statement from the Massachusetts hardcore punk band: "[We] would like to take a moment to acknowledge the struggles of the working people of Wisconsin and to pledge our support and solidarity by releasing the song 'Take Em Down' from our upcoming album. We think it's appropriate at the moment and hope you like it. . . . The Dropkick Murphys Stand With Wisconsin!!!!!"

They don't really stand with Wisconsin but with Wisconsin's antagonists in the current dispute, namely the unions representing Wisconsin's employees. Here are some of the new song's lyrics:

When the boss comes callin' we gotta organize
Let em know
We gotta take the bastards down
Let them know
We gotta smash them to the ground
Let em know
We gotta take the bastards down

  Laurie Anderson's new thing is like robert palmer and early frampton     and it uses accordion (right hand only, naturally).  She synthesizes a dude's voice.  Strange and haunting.  The accordion is typical Balkany stuff - not rock, but still mellifluous nonetheless.

Still love Orianthi, but I miss her. She is suddenly underpublicized.

Playing all these bizarre rock chords on stradella is slowly making me a better sight reader.

Sometimes i get bummed out that so many great and experienced Accordion players are old.  Then sometimes I realize that we are living in a rich period, pregnant with possiblity of The comeback and restoraton of honor.

Stereo Love still uses accordion but has seen a diminution in airplay.  Needs hype and live tv performance appearances.

Grace Potter has certainly left time for beauty sleep;  however nocturnal she is inclined to be.

when I play Geo Harrison's Something, my LH plays from Eb up to the G# alternating bass to C# min -- that's a nine row journey.

I am practicing a three hour set list now. 

Still obeying the injunction to only play one song per artist - lest i get a Tribute Band accusation - I have put down hotel cali in favor of Desperado.  And too busy being Fabulous.

I still love Regis and would like to comp him on a radiohead song.  He does a mean, Karma Police.

Check out Fisher Meehan on the uTubes.  He's local.  He owns an accordion.

Never watched Weeds, although I find the subject matter interesting.  I noticed that it has characters who speak highly of Pittsburgh.  I like that Californians dream of someday moving to Pittsburgh.

Box of the Day


Current Mood: good
Sunday, February 13th, 2011
2:05 am
Feb Fortnight

before the Spring Ahead clock change, I can still catch PopExPort on DeutscheWelle TV at 5:30AM prevailing time.  It is worth dupe-ing and can serve as a lead-in for vh1's weekly countdown and cmt's likewise, before a welk song at 7 pm on pbs and artists den and/or austin city limits at 10-11:30 P on pbs.  Then SNL has 2 performances of a musical guest from midnight to 1A.

Mr. Brand was the British guest host on the last show   music pest was chris brown, whom i did not record as he hits women and notoriously struck the talented Rhianna.  Rusty made the Universal DiminutiveEyeRoll at the second introduction then commented at Show's Ende about how the Lighting Director, at least, knew how to act like a man.  Well done, Olde Chap.

should be the Hypnotic Clambake.  I think they are our of the finger lakes region.  I like finger foods.  If I had a klezmer band, I would call it the NewCalifat.

Kids, I can't emphasize this enough:  if you start with the gin and juice, then stay not only with the same gin and same juice, but also the exact brand of tangueray or bombay.  What else do i have to say?  If yunz swill black label at bar A, then make sure that Bar B also sells it.  Or buy a case and stay at home,  you drunk.

Bruce Gassman has a nice article on US NAtional News.  If you don't know it, it is a Rita Davidson joint and is a predictable and regular mainstream touchstone.  Most of the stuff is square.  Real square.  Accordionists may eat their young, but they overlook their lame.


Giustozzo Double Tone Chamber

 Dude from C-eh D-eh N-eh D-eh is divorced and better.  May Christ be with you and yoonzers.  Recommended Trombone Shorty.  Good Catch, Joe E. deVille.

Just And Only PolkaNews has not been updated for awhile.  Maybe a relative should stop by.

Eigenlabs contraption.

Gerry Rafferty died.  Man,. he wrote some good songs.  I play Baker Street.  Am starting to memorize it.  base harmony is D-G7-DG7 then instead of D, the G7 plays off A and A.  the second part goes from a maj to a min7 and stuff.

Elvis knew:  Accordions = Discipline

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Sunday, January 9th, 2011
6:29 pm
Happy New Year
Like some others in the Accordion world, I have been negligent in my blogging (hint: Lettuce Polka) but do not be confused:  Bujo Tang is soldiering on with this Grand Experiment in provoking the New Intermediate School.

Let talk and more action is needed.  I try to resist the temptatiopn to put more and more cooler and newer songs on the ol' practice music stand.   The songs that used to be hard to play are now easier;  the songs that were impossible are possible. 

The 2-5 technique has to be demonstrated very dynamically on the Cars song Just What I needed, but it can be done.   Some really relevant chord changes are becoming inculcated.

So my sked is to play daily with one day off per week.  If I don't do an hour I am a bad boy.  If I do 2 then I can consider myself on track for a day.

I take two songs and work on them.  Then I play a rotation of the same music stand denizens that I have written about in my previous blog entries. 

Then I play some exercises, like major scales from C to B skipping C# Eb F# G# and Bb on most days but sometimes doing them.  Sometimes I pretend I am under the gun for th eobscure Ab minor scales, etc.

I find it important to run LH maj min and chromatic scales.  it goes fast and is obligatory.  I already paid the price to learn them so there is nothing to it.  Starting from different spots on the scale is helpful.  I dobn't think of it as modes, though and i just finish at the tonic octave ceiling.

then I like to play some chords on the RH  C  Cmin C7 Cdim then D and so forth up to Bdim.  just to kill time and cleanse the pallette. 

Then somedays i will play some stoopid old songs.  probably to remind my of my younger years.  when it gets organ grind-ey, I stop.  i usually stop pretty fast.


Menghini Cavalier

I took a cursory look at some good Christmas music this year; playing some.  Finally picked up O Holy Night in lead sheet form.  What a beauty.  Sometimes getting fully orchestrations is a drag to progress.  Much more gets done when there is a comprehensible lead sheet with the right chords.

I think one making a Holiday album should get the recording done by late spring so that it is ready to  be marketed come Halloween. 

I think I have passed my own test but I need to go play out and without need of written music.  I guess the songs that I can play are starting to pick themselves.  2011 should be the year that you first see Bujop Tang on the You Tubes.

RIP Kim Sherry

There is a great trumpteter and band leader in my home town.  I think Mr. Sherry taught mathematics in the public schools but I remember him from those deMolay Rainbow girl dances in the 1970s.  Whenever I think of playing with sheet music I either confure up a string quartet or the Kim Sherry Orchestra with their professional matching music pedestals. 


I listened to grace potter and the nocturnals - whose new song is most excellent - and again noted that bands playing live do not sound as polished and perfect as their studio recordings.  I only mention this obvious fact to underline the point that it is illogical to expect to sound like the damn record when you are out playing live.  be happy if you hit the notes.


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Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
11:44 am
A Great One Passes.

Charles Nunzio would have been 98 October 30th, 2010.

He passed away last night, peacefully, in his sleep.

His Family is planning a visitation and a memorial service
in Basking Ridge tentatively set for Oct. 29 and 30.

Arrangements through Gallaway and Crane, Basking Ridge, NJ (908-766-0250.

The entire Accordion World sends its condolences to the Nunzio Family.

Charles Nunzio the Elder

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Monday, August 9th, 2010
3:09 pm
mid-summer nights dreams



I am well and hope the same is true for you.  My Accordion experiments are proceeding nicely.  Ed Farabugh is of great help in sounding out serious Stradella fingering matters.   the 2-5 dilemna is the raison d'etre for the 4-3  fingering dialogue.  I play 3-2 and then consider the 2-5 a swivel like a hinge like a trap door like a fast sling like a musculoskeletal function rather than example of fingering dexterity.  It's like a kind of half-flap.  Can get a 6th, dom or dim 7th out of a simeple chromatic half-step ascent or descent.  Dig?  I knew that you would. 

Belgium is among the nices places i've ever been.  Bruges kicks ass. 


2002 Park Avenue

baker st
the reason  hoobastank
is she really    joe jackson
human   killers

my sweet Lord    geo harrison
wonderful tonight   eric clapton
every breath you take   der polizei
can't take my eyes off of you franki valli
galveston jim webb glen campbell version

some of the songs i have always wanted to learn are now in que for learnin' and stuff.


Would that I had a properly programmed iPad with some type of footpegal advance device to display my sheet music.  It would make me look like I actually knew all my music.

As it is, I have a 54" sheet of some synthetical pseudo-styrene that backs my regular music stand holding the aluminum suspended ceiling angle iron.  I can see up to 8 pp at once.   Most everything is under 8 pages, although I have some longer peices.


there is still the matter of where and how to store the unused sheet music.   I need a cr yptoreum or a scrolling system of some long workbench-height tables.  8 foor long would not be too long.   Additions are needed to the Accordionists' Workshop, ada Sudio, the.

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Friday, May 14th, 2010
5:24 am
If you have to explain . . .

. . . it's too late.

I've been litigating and removed my offices such that the Sudio is both music and Law again. ' I try to get out and they keep pulling me back in.'  My vocation and avocation have not yet switched. However, I will be an Accordioinist this weekend and more so starting mid-week. 

My fingies are getting trained to the songs on my music stand.  If I were to play the tunes one after the other I can do a two hour set.  There is a lot to learn, and in keys from Eb to C#min.  3/4 of the songs have a physical trick on the left hand, but I feel like I have a grip on melody and chords using the familiar but heretofore impossible-for-rock process of melody on RH and harmony on LH  always.  So even in a four-chord turnaround, not only is the turnaround jump severe (it's easy from a-z when you stop on each letter on the way, but when you go from z back to a, that crevasse is a challenge), but an interior chord is likely a 2-5 backward hand, or a slant, or a maj7 stretch, or some similar Stradellic Beastiary.

I am doubling the tune that a singer would sing when I play the RH melody - like every accordeen player.  That's okay for the third time through the verse, but what is needed is to learn the obligata played on the recordings of the song which presage its popularity.  If we don't play the songs the way and in the key they appear on the radidio as we drive our American Life, we cannot re-introduce Accordion to its proper place.  I am not touching that.  I may go with singing against stradella and add some stuff based on the chord structure and gradually work toward whatever the recorded counterpoint or accents or ephemera might be.  I have a more practical intermediate step of completing chords downward from the soprano melody to bring a more satisfyingly compleat aural experience.

If the melody were to be either musette or Roland-controlled, I feel it would be less necessary to but an E and G under the melody line C.  AFter all, the stradella would be playing some kind of a C base against the melody already.



have great artists on the play list?  There are so many influential composers and performers, I have this Rule about not doubling works in an effort to not be pigeon-holed and also to be exposed to more musical styles.  As a result, I can do one police song and one sting song and still leave out a half dozen tunes.  My face sting songs?  shape of my heart, the county number about divorce and looking at the sky,
the naturel tune d'Accordeon Les Dames Sans Regrets, the might river flow tune from Ten Summoners' Songs, when the world is running down. 

And Sheryl Crow?      Fuggetabowdit!  How can you possibly limit yourself to one of her works?  But I do.  what is even more hard is to have som many bits of intellectual property gradually coming under thumb and fingers, and not yet having touched paul simon, tom petty, dylan, audioslave, stp, stevie wonder and so many others?

So I have some billy joel.  Do you play don't go changin?  sure!  no, wait.  Vienna waits for me.  No.  there's this other one, obscure but personally meaningful.  you get my point and probably got it long ago.

I am letting my hair grow.  It is over the ears and in myh peripheral sight.  the beard is growing too.  It will soon be too hot to go around like this.  If there is a fat elvis, jerry garcia or old jim morrison sighting, you have the Explanation.  Bigfoot too, I'vebeen told.


2003 ssr

There's another artist who needs covered.  Lots of good tunes.  I like Love Me if You Can the best but there are several close seconds.

American Idol is the chick bobbysox, the hepcat deWise and the probably and deserving winner Casey James.


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Monday, April 12th, 2010
8:05 pm

Produces nice music. Austin City Limits, and live from a former Church now used for secular purposes like Alanis Morrisette concerts. Last week they did a Michael Buble (Boo-blay) show. He is a crooner in the style of Dean Martin or maybe Harry Connick Junior. Some times Great Performances has a young hip Act rather than Italian tenors or the swanky operatic stuff. But closer to what I am trying to do here - play Relevant Music - was a show called Young at Heart http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/young-at-heart/index.html wherein a music producer stormed a retirement home and cajoled the codgers and codgerettes into performing pop music. Sometimes there were good harmonies and call-and-response interludes. It reminded of Moulin Rouge the way it put new songs into an old structure.


No, I'm not talking about Healthcare Reform which monopolised the news cycle the last few days. I am referring to another example of an old procedure that simply needs new substance. How often great 70s rock had true 3 and 4-part harmony: I've seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I'm on my way. / I've seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I'm on my waaay -- YES!.

Or, Emerson Lake and Palmer or Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Now you are fortunate to hear doubles of the same voice. I always consider the melody to be the Soprano. Sometimes there is a third above country-style, but I refer to the tenor and alto doing a cross-over at some point while a baritone handles the lowest note.

Well, some enterprising Barbershop Quartet should sing Yes or CSNY songs acapella. Maybe the format would not be so gentrified. They could put the act on PBS.

Rolling Stones or Alice in Chains would be extra groovy.


I am fortunate to be on a first-name basis with Ralph Stricker. He wrote what I consider to be the Accordionists' Deskbook, like PDR for medical docs or a Constitutional Deskbook for lawbags. It is really a condensed, thick version of a whole encyclopedia. It has cures for your aches.

The Maestro isnt' getting any younger but if you spend the forty bucks or so and do it now, you can ask for an autographed copy. The you can be secure that no Accordion player in North America has better information than you.

You see, we need a new pedagogy to supplement Sedlon, Palmer-Hughes, Anzaghi and whatever else is out there. But with songs more current that Turkey in the Straw and Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen. My notes suggest LeadBelly and Dion on the way to Pink and Muse.

kE$HA may be easy on the eyes but I don't think she will be releasing hits fifteen or twenty years from now.

Is Toby Keith still driving a Ford pick=up?


There's a cartoon which I happened upon that blew my mind completely. I will not talk about it other tahn to provide the URL and say that any Accordion player must see it at some point or other.

13 "The Henchbot Elites/Not Accordion To Plan" June 6, 2009 (2009-06-06) The League of Super Evil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=757UnfQ4jWQ

Not Accordion to Plan: When Red Menace discovers he's an accordion savant, Voltar uses this annoying skill to his advantage. But when Red is nearly catapulted to Polka stardom, he's forced to choose between his art and his family.

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Saturday, March 13th, 2010
9:27 pm
Don't Fall Back
JoePa says, any day you don't get better, you get worse. I have been practising more and more on top of my solid foundation. Thanks, Mr. Allianello, Harold Detwiler, Annette Zalanowski http://www.personal.psu.edu/ahz1/, and Edwin Farabaugh -- all had and have a great influence on me. So too, Maestro Ralph Stricker, who wrote the Book and Frank Marocco, who can play the phone book and make it sound swell. I claim them al as teachers.

I think I am ready for the ascent. I know I am getting better. I continue to re-arrange based on more intelligent Stradella maneuvers. On the right hand I am starting to add harmonies lower than the melody or Soprano Key.
I think I will keep the 6-page partitions on top of the roll-top desk or atop the red hassock and concentrate on up-to-five-page-long sheet music exemplars. I always figured to know the songs before playing out. I also wanted to sing from the start. I may look for opportunities to play ambient music utilising the music stand. I think I shall join the American Federation of Musicians Local in Pittsburgh or New York City. http://www.afm.org/locals/




I said it in an earlier post, but Accordion came to the States then Mexico and South America from Europe. For the sake of simplicty, let's say Vienna, Austria. That's where the patent was filed that marks the May 6 Accordion Day. You _do_ celebrate Accordion Day don't you? But I give short shrift, if any shrift at all, to the Accordion's emergence on the great continent of Africa. There is a deep, deep, tradition of playing Accordion in Congo and certain other African countries. Chief Water Buffalo Idi Amin played one, but he cannibalized most of the attention from others.

Polish Polkas

I must correct the identity of the promoter of the local Polka Pride show on public access tv: it is _Polish_ Bill, and not _Polka_ Bill. The most recent show actually had a lower median age of listeners, dancers and polka enthusiaists -- probably owing to the band members' families attending a concert in western PA. I saw some bellow shakers who played two right hand chords and devoted any talent they might have had to rhythm more than melody. I looked in vain for some LH work, but every accordion player I detected played nothing on Stradella; one was what the old pros call a, "finger wiggler." Wiggle is a funny word. Accordionists who don't play LH are not funny. Those who wiggle their fingers in a vain attempt to fake out the audience are self-conscious at best and frauds at worst.


Our organisations, exlusive of the Internationale and its Coupe Mondiale are the ATG, NAA, and AAA. Teachers' Guild, Nat Assoc and American Assoc, respectively. All are highly regarded and they seem to get along well. the N is new. Its Convention is in Dallas/Ft Worth/Richardson TX right about now. Let me check my watch. Oh Good, I seem to be an hour early.


Volcano Waltz


Sir Martin White


Few guitarists have been as influential as the legendary Delta Bluesman, Robert Johnson. His recordings have inspired fellow blues musicians such as Muddy Waters, song-writing genius Bob Dylan, formative rock gods The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, guitarists Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton (who labelled Johnson “the most important Blues musician who ever lived”) - who in turn have influenced subsequent generations of musicians.

However, rumours swirled about Johnson’s involvement with the occult even before his premature death – aged just 27 – in 1938. His seemingly instantaneous mastery of the Blues gave rise to legends that he had made a deal with the Devil, who had given Johnson his skills in return for his everlasting soul. Tales circulated of . . .
(see article here: http://www.dailygrail.com/Essays/2009/12/Occult-Rock).

* * *

That's why I won't cover Robert Johnson, Zep, Bowie or Supertramp, inter alia. I long-ago noticed that on the way up, the Beatles sang a song about Lady Madonna, with children at her feet having trouble making ends meet until a man arrived with a suitcase. He provided the means to make ends meet like in the manner of a John. And I don't mean St. John. The Four impugned the reputation of Christ's Mom. Music Industry Execs must have loved it.
On the way down - or more appropriately, after the decision was made to break up the band - the lyric transmuted: "Mother Mary came to me - speaking words of wisdom, 'Let It Be'."


Before advancing the clock on your VCR, you should check out PBS. Same think if you have one of them thar TiVos. The Penn State PBS affiliate WPSU is having its periodic fund drive. Today, you can choose from James Taylor, Il Divo, Freddy Cole (Nat King's Brother and Natalie's Uncle), Vai DaCapo, and Hall & Oates each doing at least a one-hour Special. After all that public broadcasting, then you can turn to a saturday edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC at 10:00 to see the post-Oscar episode with Sting. For the nightcap, Pearl Jam is playing on SNL at 11:30 EST. It's not a re-run. Front Man Eddie Vedder is known to dig the Accordion, but I don't expect him to doff one on air, as the instrument is a mystery to him.




1976 F-150 Explorer


Borsini Modern

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
3:10 am
Castel Fi!

I see the piano accordion has received its own acronym, largely to distinguish it from the proliferation of button boxes, bandoneons, MexicaliBoxes and other griffs from various grifters. So now instead of playing an Accordion, it is required to indicate that one plays a Piano Keyboard Accordion, or "PKA."

The handle is not exactly ubiquitous as a search engine would be more likely to suggest the letters mean, Previously Known As or the Pi Kappa Alpha college fraternity. It is a scientific measurement involving pH testing of drug absorption rates and the title of the Portland Karting Association, and for the more pugilistically inclined, the Professional Kickboxing Association or Pittsburgh Karate Academy.

Until it is more widely known, I will just refer to Accordion as Piano Accordions predominate everywhere but France and among musicians who can't wrap their heads around E# and B#.


I respect Confucious and the Tao, terrace farming and the Great Road of China. I was in the first group to tour the new Peoples Republic Embassy in Worschington DeeCee shortly after it opened in 1979. I have a jade Bhudda and more than one calendar and vase decorating my humble abode.

What I don't have is any Chinese Accordions.

I know better.

And I know a Shill when I read one.

Hint: a Shill leaves multiple URL hyperlinks in otherwise innocuous messages to Accordion Enthusiast Interest Groups.

Most Accordionists and accordion players know that the best Accordions come from Italy, with Germany and the US next and Czech Republic winning the Bronze.

Chinese Accordions are not built to last.

If you don't have a pot to piss in, you can always use a Golden Cup.

That's my own opinion. I am not Parroting someone else.




I recently hit the roof. The ceiling of the 120 basses, that is. I was engineering my way around a hard song in a key signature with several sharps, with the F# and G# and other nosebleed chords when a straight D major was required. The answer, it dawned on me, was to play the sharp of C# in the counterbass row: C double Sharp.
Peanut Gallery. I was looking for Bob Uecker.


From the Milwaukee broadcaster to Yogi Berra-isms, I had a similar need to arrange in a key signature with several flats. So I am down playing around Bb and Ab when a G minor is required. So I eventually realized that G is a major third up from Eb soon after realizing that G# is the third above a normal E. The finger memory knows even before thinking, that a minor 7th can be constructed by grabbing the major chord of the adjoining (fifth higher) chord (Viz: _G_ + BbM = G Bb D F = Gm7). It is much to be preferred over jumping from Bb over F and C to G to obtain the typical G min and then jumping back down again to resume in the neighborhood of several flats. If you ever play a vamp or turn-around, you know what I mean.


Puffin one-man aeroplane


Maybe a Swedish masseuse is what I need, because after contorting my Left Hand to play maj 7ths, dominant 7ths, fake 6ths (you grab the 6th in the counterbass column one row down), then back again to maj 7ths, etc, my Left forearm gets a workout. Sore the next day.


Rock and roll is a reference to banging outside the barn dance. Jazz is plain old American Hard Core Copulating. Scat owes its origin to the evacuation of completely different bodily fluids. At least, that's what ScatMan Carothers sez.

I was listening to one of Joe Natoli's recent uToob uploads when I heard the Roland Scat timbre. He chose the register when dealing out 16th or 32d note riffs. Pretty cool. Very different. Completely unexpected. High potential for abuse in the wrong hands. It could sound shitty.


Don't read much accordion-related from Joe E. Devil these days. Too involved in metropolitan enjoyments, duties at MacroSoft and obligations to the Missus, I suppose. See for yourself at AccordionGuy in the 21st Century.


Is the name of a local public access programme created and produced by a Johnstown area man who calls himself Polka Bill. I think his name is Bill and he likes polkas, but I'm not sure how he got his name. Anyhoo, he does a nice job featuring bands from festivals in PA, OH, NY and elsewhere. Sometimes I see some good music or bellow shakes and interesting Obereks and stuff. But I get overwhelmed by the gentrification of our instrument owing to the lack of ethnic attachment amongst second and third-generation Americanos. I mean to say, that the closest you come to a hot chick is a sixty year-old. So there is this weekly show where octogenarians and the like parade around like I used to see at weddings and Teamster joint council functions in the mid-1970s. There is nothing to advocate to others who are not interested in Accordion. Nothing. It is a living museum to Pathos. My tolerance was stretched when this band of 40-somethings performing for 90-somethings played, The Old Gray Mare Just Ain't What She Used to Be.
How true.


house music is to played where there is a dark dancefloor, young people and the crowd is intoxicated on something other than alcohol. Weed, psychedelics, that date rape drug the kids like when they suck on pacifiers and fondle glowsticks. Everyone is groovy and non-judgmental rather than aggressive. The music needs a regular pounding beat and can not stop. The 4/4 time alternating bass is perfect. So are I IV V I and vi ii III7 progressions. Just play one ten minute song after the next and don't slow down. Sweat. Smile. Lyrics are not required. Enjoy the pretty spinning coloured lights and reflective discoball. And sliver-thin route to possible Accordion Renaissance.


If you play Box and have any pretense to notoriety, I suggest you pin your Grammy hopes on the World Music category. Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, DeVotchka and their genre could score in the new category with accordion-centric song candidates.


I did three hours yesterday and like to get in an hour a day minimum for those weeks when I am not preoccupied with my avocation. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I find it hard as I try to feel like a vicarious entertainer by watching American Idol. The gal I mentioned last week was thrown off the Island after a dismal performance of a dismal song by a dismal artist: Haely Vaughn, The Climb and Miley Cyrus, respectively.

It seems the contestants have some good Billboard songs of the Decade in their hip pocket before the Series even starts. Those songs are exhausted by the time the kids are selected and survive Hollywood Week. They are then left unarmed when it comes time to deliver Live and in Concert. I still think a chick will win this year.


Ranco SuperVox


The CBS travel-race show had contestants eating sauerkraut while an accordion player pumped out some euroTunes. Accordions are the background music for products being hawked to all age groups, no longer just the denture set. Mozy is a file back-up service that uses Accordion music in its ads. I wrote to the company detailing my interest in backing up practice sessions before the ads came out. Just another co-incidence in a life full of meaningful co-inkydinks.

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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
1:08 am
Wonderful, Squared


May have been tight with a buck but he took care of his own and was, I believe, a honorable German-Catholic Slavic-American to the last. He was said to have fired a lady singer who crossed her legs atop a piano for exhibiting Cheesecake long before Kim Bassinger. His license plate bore vanity message, Ah1AnAh2. Gone since 1992, he lives on. His real estate development still exists in Branson, Mo and US Route 15 just north of San Diego. At one time Mr. Welk was the richest celeb in Cali behind only Bob "SkiNose" Hope. Welk started televising his shows from the Aragon Ballroom on KTLA circa 1951. There is supposed to be a film clip somewhere of Myron Floren mouthing, "F@#$ You" to Sir Lawrence at the beginning of a number.


And I thought He would bring an Accountant or maybe a good lawyer, and head straight to the Vatican Gift Shoppe or maybe the off-shore bank of some televangelist. But no, He went to the Freedom Forum to shill on behalf of Chinese Accordions. God only knows . . .

Idle Idols

I engaged in another guilty pleasure of watching American Idol last night. I was not impressed by any of the dude singers. I had thought that Mr. Garcia was a talent because he comped on guitar with a lot of 6th and maj7 chords, but I may have already seen his best stuff. I would wager that the petite Miss Vaughn will win. She covered the Beatles last week. She plays guitar and always brings something fresh and interesting.


I have difficult pieces on the stand. Two hours' worth of music which takes two days to practice. But I am strapping and unstrapping multiple times per day now. I really have improved since playing more and finding relevant songs. Still run the scales and relative minors before hitting the song.
I lose track of time and look up and an hour has passed. Just clearing out the RAM of all life's other concerns is reason enough to play Accordion. But I mostly play for Chicks and Weed.



Fratelli Crosio


If Lawrence Welk Show gave way to the Beatles, can it also be said that the Lennon Sisters gave way to John Lennon? He played Accordion just like everyone else who came of age in the late 1950s.




Yann Thiersen, who wrote and performed the soundtrack to Amelie, a thorough delight.

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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
12:00 pm
Jack Murtha is Gone, every Singel Vote counts.

been playin' too much Johnny Law and not enough Bujo Accordion. Law is not important and will not be until the American experiment with Constitutionalism returns to course. I understand the need for myth and bridging gaps: "All men are equal and some can own others." The need to be big as the Kaiser or the Nazis or Soviets or whomever has to be deflated before that same government turns inward on its own people -- those who are left after the power to destroy through wars and taxation.
Some of the best Men that will have ever lived in America -- died for America without issue. We are all the weaker for it.

For those who read ahead, we shall return to federalism by expanding those States which are United. Up and down the hemisphere. To the right and the Carribean. To the left and Micronesia, Truk and Bikini Island.

Then our government will be the right size for its People. And respect can return to Law, at least that little part about obeying our Forefathers' Sacred Trust.

Maybe we should stop exterminating ourselves and mounting counterproductive wars on our citizenry.


Need (read: "want") some Captain Morgan or even a Hookah. All work and no play makes bujo_tang a cranky boy. So I stayed home from the office and practiced hard for the first time in too many days. Developed a left hand cramp a little after an hour in.

While I am slightly dismayed at how much of a song I can lose when I skip practicing for two weeks, I am generally happy with the quickness with which it comes back plus the new progress I can make on formerly weak spots.


We have all heard of Cory Pesatauro by now. All the Old Guard always wants to know who is talented and who will be a candidate to pry the sword out of the stone to become the interim Accordion Messiah. Hint: you don't get Arthurian mantle via dizzy fingers. Cory was playing some Curtis Jackson the other day. At least I thought he was. The lyrics to It's your Birfday are outright vulgar. He seemed to play some counterpoint to the actual melody that issued forth from his FR as a digital recording. I have the sheet music. It's in C# min, same as my top Sting song.

Some of the other new Weathermen show promise. I have uTubes of post-modern players for you to view. A couple are interesting. More are on the right track and fearless. You will be highly entertained, but not just yet, sportsfans. Since I was informed and believe that Accordionists eat their young, let's let the veal mature a little bit more first.


Ol' YellerBand doesn't just start pedalling when the race marshall gives a signal, he spins hot in neutral gear and comes out strong.

I find that the first time I practice a song each day I am unimpressive. By the time I am hitting it hard, I have the finger memory required for aptitude. It's almost like I should practice a song for ten minutes and then record onto Audacity to note the day's progress.


Atop my folding metal music stand there is a four foot section of Suspended Ceiling wall angle material that accomodates 6 page pre-fastened sheet musical songs. I stopped learning songs that are of greater length as I am toying with the idea of playing out locally with sheet music until the reportoire is fully "in."

After practising a song I move it to the back of the stand. If a song needs work, I wtill move on after 4 iterations at the most. To do more is counter-productive according to E.F. and I believe him.


Is she Really going out with him? Joe Jackson
For the good times Kristofferson
Everybody wants to rule the world Tears 4 Fears
More than words Extreme
MSL Harrison
Brown-Eyed Girl Morrison
Reason Hoobstank
Baker St. Gerry Rafferty
Something Beatles
songs by Dion, Neil Young, Mick Jagger, Don McClean and George Michael, inter alia



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Saturday, February 20th, 2010
9:19 pm



I did not know Art Van Damme, but just hearing that he existed was a comfort to one learning Accordion in the mid-1970s. While the world around me ignored my instrument in a manner truly all-too-familiar to similarly situated boxDoggs, just knowing that there was some cat Too Cool for Teacher's Rules kept hope alive.

It was like an earthquake when he died this week. Except ya could have heard a pin drop. The quietest damn earthquake ever. Players know it. Casual listeners know it.

I guess none of us is getting younger. He was at the pinacle with Sinatra and JFK and young Las Vegas. I suppose the space age thrill wore off by the time the Space Shuttle launches became passe- but AVD's musicianship is forever.

Carve his bust and call the Accordionists' Hall of Fame. Mr. Van Damme, your hallowed spot is secure.

I have Martini Time and some other "albums." I also looked enviously at the late Great Man's practice itinerary. He shredded, so I hope he RIPs too.


one of my few human qualities is that I feed the birds in Winter. There is a window over the kitchen sink where visitors fly in and rest on some plants and trees in my Pennsylvania backyard. I am privileged to have a family of Cardinals and a den of Bluebirds happen by. Such vivid colors against the white and green . . . when one of them turns his head as if to see me through the window in visual stereo, I infer a connection. Maybe I am the one being programmed to throw bread, crackers, cereal, pizza crust or whatever. Call me Pavlov. The reds and blues are a joy of creation.


The is a cat on AFF who is contributing multiple times per day the way Tommy Memphis used to contribute - annoyingly. Goes my the handle I am He 999. Apparent pretense is Messianic what with the opposite of three sixes. While I like AwaitedOne's enthusiasm and even agree with an arcane appoint about Galla-Rini notation (superscripted LH triads for 3ds and 5ths), he needs to back off a little and show some respect to the long-time club members. And stop shilling for PRC music factories.

At the other end of the spectrum is Accordion Noir Radidio's stalwart spinner Bruce. He knows a lot about Accordion and its artists. He trolls both AFF and LJ. Both places are the better for it. And I don't think he thinks he is Elijah so far as I can tell.


Go to Wikiphonia and rip off some modern sheet music. I guarantee there will be a half dozen songs you always visualized yourself playing on accordion.


Forget about free base convertors and left hand triads. They may help with augmented fifth chords and proper inversions but advantages steeply decline thereafter.
Go big like the rest of the New Intermediate School and do the 2-5 twist. This will enable you to conquer the half-step increments so often featured in modern guitar songs blasted into north american brains. You can do the entire harmony with two fingers, and play the entire melody with 1, 2, 3 or as many fingers as the Good Lord gave you on your right hand. And play symbols with yer feets, Clyde.


Citroen DS21


is the iCordion(TM) controller of Apple computers. Who can make Accordion popular again? Steve Mother Fucking Jobs, that's whom. The FR series may have to become more user friendly/intuitive/idiot-proof/brightrly coloured.


Ivanka is off the market, but I have a new ideal woman. She's about a third my age for starters. You saw her playing the same rock riff continually after Michael Jackson was negligently homicidationized.

She is from Australasia and plays elec guitar the way Art played accordion treble. She looks like Loretta Swit's (M.A.S.H.?) grandaughter. Besides being attractive, she has strong eyes which - to me - define and exemplify feminine beauty.

Google "Orianthi," then listen to her song, "according to you."




are garbageous and poorly constructed by prison labourers and child laborourers and imprisoned child labourers. Who are made to eat cadnium and smell nail polish and that awful stuff women use to perm their hair. All day long. Long days, with no Sundays off. Because they don't know the Baby Jesus, even though their country sure makes a lot of stuff commemorating His birthday.

I don't need NO STINKIN' golden cup, parrot or deceptive Italian-sounding surname. Hey howz that Paoli Soberano? FuggetAboutIt.

Even the bloody, fastidious Germans know that, if you want an Accordion, go to bloody fucking Italy and order one. Or call Annie in ChiTown for an Italo-American.


I think I have some peeps around Bergamo, Italia -- although my family's origins are hypothetical and maybe speculative. I once thought the area was close to Castle Fidardo. No. Probably four hours' distance, as the Crow drives. If he didn't have his license suspended.






Tonight PBS's Soundstage has Lynyrd Skynyrd and then Austin city Limits has R.E.M.

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Monday, February 8th, 2010
1:36 pm

were last weekend (a week ago Sunday) and the Superbowl was yesterday. In between, we were hit with two feet of snow. Nice. I wish my hound could have romped with me one last time. She went at age 15 on December 8, 2009. In the last month I have dealt and knelt and watched the snow arrive and melt.
We are supposed to get some more winter precipitation mid-week. Fine with me. I like the four seasons, and it will replenish the watershed.

I didn't record the grammys lke in previous years. The opening number featured Lady Ga-Ga and Elton Jack. The played PianoForte Machines festooned with extended hands mimicking zombies exiting their gravew. Enough of that necrophiliac shit. Sir Elton and Lady had gray death make up on their faces. Lost my appetite for music and respect for those artists; largely based upon suspicion of the old Faustian bargain. I'm not expecting "Up with fucking people", here, People. Death comes too soon to every man and need not be celebrated my musicians - a category of folks who make life wonderful.

in contra-dinstinction, blew the doors of of Sudio 8H overnigh Staurday last. The music guest fot eh SNL show hosted by 30-yr-old Ashton Kutcher, the band has members from Led Zep, Queens of the Stone Age and FooFighters. Dave Grohl went back to traps like he played for Nirvana. Their two numbers impressed mightily, even if they were a little strong on the FX. The musicianship and stage presence came through. In Spades.


I better plan on taking the Cab because in the last two weeks I have failed to, "practice, Man, practice."

Being from the Joe Paterno school, I know better. Every day you aren't getting better, you are getting worse. AND The will to win is important, but the will to PREPARE to win is essential.

My malaise is not due to my chagrin at the holiday bomber or necrotic opening Grammy numbers. It is because I said that Glenn Miller went AWOL during WWII. To explain: I have the classic throwback tune Moonlight Serenade, sitting on top of my post-modern selections on the learnin' music stand. The song is forcing me to put in more RH than I want, but it will sound better. Removing the LH embellishments is good when it regards 6ths which are not true anyhow.

In actuality I have been pre-occupied with my alter ego's profession of lawyering. Never know when that is required.


The morning after them vultures got all crooked wit it, them Saints went marchin' in to Miami and won dat ol' Superbowl. Halftime show was three gramps and a cramp, Whoo can see for miles with a pedafile. Not into Pete Townsend, sorry. Watched the Simpsons on rerun and the Weather Channel. heard a few moments while travelling channels and the sound seemed thin. Watch out for flying dentures. I wonder if it was live. I think there is a lot of lip synching at many of these shows at the request of the producers who dread mishaps.

Prior to this annual big game, talk centered on the NLF trying to trademark the Fleur-de-Lis and the previously reprehensible Mark Twin Old Couth type-talk once reserved for 'ol Nigger Jim. I guess it's better then when Snoopy the Diog Dog says it. Speaking of flowers De Lis and Snoop, ain't been no such thang 'round here for way too long now. Things are diferent in the pacific northwest.

Vancouver Olympics

are about to start. If they need snow, we have some here on first avenue in the Mountain City. Will trade 1 lb of snow for one gram of Bud. Wonder how Bodie and Shawn White will do with their grarly skills, like Dooooode? Also wonder of the Mounties are going to get tough with sensible people acting sensibly in that sense.




Universal 45

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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
10:09 pm
Sting Clooney Wyclef Avril Bono Edge Rhianna
Say A Prayer for the poor Souls In Haiti. there will be a big concert simulcast from London, NYC and LA this weekend. Call in with a pledge and maybe talk to Leo DiCaprio.


My first three songs are Hoobastank's the Reason, Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street and Clapton's Wonderful tonight.

I like the idea of the contrast in key, meter or pace and lyrix.


Yeah, I've been pretty busy playing Lawyer on TV and in real life. But my sched becomes a little more forgiving and I can again look to be more the Accordionist. I have had Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade going on in my head for the last few days. I'm not sure I like the second part, but the first one blows me away. I would like to use the piece as a pallette cleanse after something untoward like Jim Carroll band's Friends or the later Warren Zevon's Excitable Boy. If you'd ever heard the dark lyrics to Carroll's simple tune, you would need a brain douche.


Super Vibratone


Moonlight Serenade
Brown Eyed Girl
Bittersweet Symphony

That stand's fer learnin' and not fer performin'. the Van Morrison tune is easy-breezy, covergirl!


Lincoln C Concept Car


V7 - I - IV - iv - I







Don't wave your pinky and index in the air unless you are a University of Texas fanatic, second baseman with two outs or devotee of the dark prince. Try the cool and acceptable "hang loose" where the thumb substitutes for the index finger.

On the same note, have you ever looked at lyrics and found them to be unnacceptable? Like "Say the devil is my savior but I do't pay no heed . . . " from Supertramp or the waaaay less offensive American Pie by Don McClean where the singer has to intone, "It'll be the day that I die."


First week had a show from Chi-town. Some Nimrod showed up with a toy Accordion and had to make an idiot of himself like some latter day Tiny Tim. Puleeeze. We need an Anti-Defamation Society. Maybe the 4As; Accordion Anti-defamation Association of America.


Hang Loose, don't play no debbil music or sing songs about suicide and check out the LIVE musical performances on the TeeVee this weekend. Ciao, Pal.

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Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
2:22 pm
ommen au dem





amd stuff like that.






Polka Man is correct to note that a c - Bb (bass or LH) E natural - G - Middle C - Eb (Treble or RH) constitutes a raised ninth. Go from the bottom note of C to the top note of Eb octave = 8 + two more = a tenth, but who ever referes to even numbers so high?

So there, a reference to British Columbia, Bud(s), and high.

Winter Olymics start in a doupla weeks. I am willing to become stoked.


The first batch of notes have been replicated and sent around for posterity's sake. The equibalent of a two Sedlon books probably. Taught with what I was thinking about at the time. I don't know how far to push a college kid - my target audience - But I think that going three books without fucking with a sutdent would just encourage mutiny.

The rights to pop songs of the eighties nineties and tendies is always uncertain as it would need be negotiated. As I know, don't let lawyers stop businessmen. Businessmen act and lawyers follow behind, cleaning up. Literally. Metaphorically. Like, as in, "financially."

Let the bastards get rich as long as you have the dream of someday going public. The American Dream is a lot bigger tahn it used to be. First a Blade, then an ear then the whole corn.

KORN Korner

Haven't seen hide nor hair. Neither that Evanescence chick,altough some hep cat at the roland group was talking aobut playing My Immortal or something.


I have some proof of practice sessions (pOp) listed by date and shall endeavor to put them in a cyber envelope at my storage URL.
Please go to http://www.4shared.com/account/dir/16102028/72b4d4ab/sharing.html?rnd=80 to see what's been cooking during my practice sessions. For you Insiders only. Files may be gone in 30 days.

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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
10:58 am
Tuscaroarah Shicksinny Juniata Lenny leNappy Peppy lePew
A. The central Algonquians are tall, averaging about 173 cm.; they have the typical Indian nose, heavy and prominent, somewhat hooked in men, flatter in women; their cheek bones are heavy; the head among the tribes of the great lakes is very large and almost brachycephalic, but showing considerable variation; the face is very large.

The type of the Atlantic coast Algonquians can hardly be determined from living individuals, as no full-bloods survive, but skulls found in old burial grounds show that they were tall, their faces not quite so broad, the heads much more elongate and remarkably high, resembling in this respect the Eskimo and suggesting the possibility that on the New England coast there may have been some mixture with that type. The Cheyenne and Arapaho are even taller than the central Algonquians; their faces are larger, their heads more elongate. It is worthy of remark that in the region in which the mound builders' remains are found, rounded heads prevailed, and the present population of the region are also more, round-headed, perhaps suggesting fusion of blood (Boas, inf'n, 1905).
The religious beliefs of the eastern Algonquian tribes were similar in their leading features. Their myths are numerous. Their deities, or manitus, including objects animate and inanimate, were many, but the chief culture hero, he to whom the creation and control of the world were ascribed, was substantially the same in character, although known by various names, among different tribes. As Manibozho, or Michabo, among the Chippewa and other lake tribes, he was usually identified as a fabulous great rabbit, bearing sonic relation to the sun; and this identification with the great rabbit appears to have prevailed among other tribes, being found as far south as Maryland. Brinton (Hero Myths, 1882) believes this mythological animal to have been merely a symbol of light, adopted because of the similarity between the Algonquian words for rabbit and light.

Among the Siksika this chief beneficent deity was known as Napiw, among the Abnaki as Ketchiniwesk, among the New England tribes as Kiehtan, Woonand, Cautantowit, etc. He it was who created the world by magic power, peopled it with game and the other animals, taught his favorite people the arts of the chase, and gave them corn and beans. But this deity was distinguished more for his magical powers and his ability to overcome opposition by trickery, deception, and falsehood than for benevolent qualities. The objects of nature were deities to them, as the sun, the moon, tire, trees, lakes, and the various animals. Respect was also paid to the four cardinal points. There was a general belief in a soul, shade, or immortal spiritual nature not only in man but in animals and all other things, and in a spiritual abode to which this soul went after the death of the body, and in which the occupations and enjoyments were supposed to be similar to those of this life. Priests, or conjurers, called by the whites medicine-men, played an important part in their social, political, and religious systems. They were supposed to possess influence with spirits or other agencies, which they could bring to their aid in prying into the future, inflicting or curing disease, etc.

Among the tribes from south New England to Carolina, including especially the Mohegan, Delawares, the people of the Powhatan confederacy, and the Chippewa, descent was reckoned in the female line; among the Potawatomi, Abnaki, Blackfeet, and probably most of the northern tribes, in the male line. Within recent times descent has been paternal also among the Menominee, Sauk and Fox, Illinois, Kickapoo, and Shawnee, and, although it has been stated that it was anciently maternal, there is no satisfactory proof of this.
. . . .

B. 1.
The scribe rabbit comes from a scene on a painted Classic Maya (circa 300 to 900 AD) vase, probably used to hold a chocolate drink.

In the Classic Maya culture (~300 to ~800 AD), scribes recorded important events for royalty using a phonetically-based hieroglyphic script. The Classic Maya depicted scribes as rabbits on vases and murals.


2. Waxaklajuun Ub'aah K'awiil or 18 Rabbit (Ruler 13)

18 June 695 AD - 3 May 738 AD
Stelae A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J & 4; Altar S; Lower Hierogplyphic Stairway of Temple 26; Step of Temple 22, Ballcourt AIIb markers, Ballcourt A-III text & markers

3. Stela 4 was raised on the quarter katun, September 15, 726, ( in Maya long count) and marks the high point of Eighteen Rabbit's rule. By this time he was forty-two years old and had been in power for thirty-one years. He had just installed Cauac Sky two years previously to be the new military governor of Quirigua, a town on the Motagua River under Copan's jurisdiction.

Stela 4 continues the themes of Kan Te Ahau and Bolon Kawil, the patron gods of Copan. The image of the ruler, carved again in full round, grasps the black headdress of death and the white Ceiba flower of life. The altar in front of it is a carved globe with spiral drains for blood sacrifices. Eighteen Rabbit shows himself again as the self-immolating king whose repeated blood sacrifices keep in balance the forces of life and death. His altar symbolizes the need for blood to keep the sun revolving around the earth. The inscription harks back to the mythical beginnings of Copan on December 19, 159 CE ( in Maya long count) when the god Bolon Kawil was said to have emerged from death.

At the same time, Eighteen Rabbit resurrected stela 5 which had been dedicated by his father, Smoke Jaguar, on July 26, 667. Stela 5 depicts his grandfather, Butz Chan, facing west and his father facing east, much like stela C. Beneath both stelae, Eighteen Rabbit deposited rectangular altars bound with carved wrappings, and on the one he placed under stela 4 he recorded the birth of his grandfather on April 28, 563. This may be very significant, because where he resurrected stela 5 is very near burial 36, which was an important royal tomb and may even have been the tomb of Butz Chan.

So stela 4 not only displays Eighteen Rabbit as the fulcum between life and death, but directly relates back to the mythical beginnings of Copan. His actions relate as well directly back to his grandfather. I believe that stela 4 represents Eighteen Rabbit's definitive statement of his view of the cosmos and his place in it. It comes as close as anything to his credo.
. . .
Copan's influence first appears outside its mountain valley at Caracol in 534 but it reached its greatest extent under Butz Chan (578-628) and Smoke Jaguar (628-695). Monuments as far away as Pusilha and Nim Li Punit in modern Belize bear their names , while Rio Amarillo, El Paraiso, and Los Higos to the northeast in Honduras also refer to Copan. Eighteen Rabbit records the sacrifice of a lord of Pusilha on stela F and Copan is named with Palenque in a bone carving found in a Tikal ruler's tomb.

. . . .

Translation of Maya (as if it were only one language free of muliple dialects) is a new phenomenom. _Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatán_ by John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood details the first real exploration of the topic. Later, Caracol was (re)-discovered, like in the 1930s. I was within the first Thousand visitors to sign its guestbook in the Belizean Jungle circa February, 1995.

I like thinking of aboriginal Norte Americanos as lost tribesmen found. Phonetic similarities, cultural and religious comparisons, physical characteristics and stuff like that there, intrigues.

Mayans were never known during the pre-classic period to play reed instruments. I'd like to listen for a polka or hora or shantytown jig. Nah,they valued wild orchids.


In Can't take My Eyes off You, popularized by Frankie Valli, the B section ends with a C7 b3. It is comprised of middle C, the E a major 3d above it, high C and higher Eb on the RH.




There is an awards show on this Sunday at 8 PM that promises good live performances from actual musicians. It is heartening to hear real music performed without a net before a millions-wide audience. Hearing Keith Urban and Brad Paisley finding tone is self-assuring. This show will have a light rock focus. I look forward to the Latin language music shows later on. Them peoples respect Accordion.


My Bakers Dozen was split into Sevens (of 7 x 70 fame, and the neurolinguistic tradition that one can remember seven things optimally), and now Set Lists of One Hour.


Lady Ga-Ga, you can be my new Muse now that Miss Trump is off the market. Just stop acting so fucking weird, OK Doll? You are Crazy. Gorgeous. Crazy gorgeous. Literally.


My music stand says a lot about what I will be playing for the next few years. But I got to find a way to sneak a couple more songs ont it. And I have to be happier with a few of them. And I must add some Dire Straits without it sounding like a Dred Zep project.


Do a take in Audacity, export immediately to mp3 to save disk space. No vocals or FX of any kind. upload to 4Share. Rinse. Repeat.


Ravel V

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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
11:21 pm
local erections
i voted at about 0830 light turnout maybe missed one primary since 1978. lots of write-ins this time. the local D party often fields no candidate.

The sudio environment
hardwood oaken varnished floor, irish blue paint-over wallpaper -over plaster walls with a big bay window. covered at times with three looping 40 inch wections of padded drapery. the louvered blinds are half the size of the formerly popular Venetian. i see out in the daylight and now - with dalylight savings in effect - others can see in when the drapes are not pulled to baffle sound. i observe a 10 pm rules even though i often wish to play later.

to my right is a 5' x 3' all oak table stained and varnished imported from exotic Connecticut. i sit on my throne with my elbow touching the table and approaching the wireless mouse for recording in Audacity and exporting to MP3. also on desk are monitor kb, phone and speakers along with a Wittner Taktell metronome in piccolo.

the table is at 31" height. ahead of me is a simpole folding metal musical stand. equipped with a 4' long piece of angle iron left over from a suspended ceiling job of some previous decade. Dad would have been alive then. I need four feet just to hold a five-page song. i have some 8-pagers that made the cut.

i have an all-star list at rest of some hard and simply postponed songs. bo rhap mary had a little lamb. others have different challenges. i just dont have the "feel" of a certain dire straits song even though it is more than half-intellectualized.

what i _do_ have on my music stand in from of me are multiple excellent tunes in various stages of knowledge: numbers by Sting, cars, tears4fears, nickelback and more. best of the best of the best. no led zep or frankenstein as of yet but they, too shall come. i am staying away from deep purple.

i play mornings for an hour, look at the clock, hit the rest of the songs of the stand, look at the clock and take a rest.

eat, sleep, watch the joe paterno press conference, check the market. warren buffet today bought burlingtron nortnern and the old santa fe RR for 44 Billions of USDs. he said he "bet the company (berkshire hathaway)" in today's quote, but i remember his previous observations to the effect that he had thus far never bet all his money on any one thing. dairy queen is shabby but they have great onion rings.

on the floor right behind the music stand, with all music ordered by the circle of fifths, is my accordion case with a 15' johnson woofer amp on top and a single amateur mono mic on top pointed to the mid-point of where the accordion sits on my lap. The mic is pointed to the trunk of the music stand itself about 4 inches south of where the angle iron holds my harem of musical mistresses. glen cambell, eagles, neil young, killers, English joe jackson, and more.

to the left fron or downstage left, close to the bay window out of which i see when i peer over the written music, is a red hassoc used for wtoring a 1950s era vaccum sweeper ball. i sat on that red box all the years i took lessons. i practices on it a half hour every school day pretty religiously. sometimes i practiced more.

when i finish 5 or 6 or 7 songs, playing them through once or working on them for up to ten minutes each, i turn them over face-down and place them on the red hassock. moving backward, there is the throw rug to soften the hard floor on my aging Pepsi's Labrador- Shepard -Border collie -bones. behind the rug is the rolltop desk housing Christmas songs on one level and songs I feel I have something of a handl on up above. a red leather bookmark confirms that no one has disturbed the music since me. the drawers and pigeon holds of the rolltop hold tapes ans staplers and clips and other ephemera. behind me is a utility table holding more sheet music in a state of sorting and pre-filing. on the floor is a legal folder with everything else including stuff from the foundation of the New Intermediate School.

Over my right shoulder is a barbulb in a floor lamp crafted by my Grandfather when electricity was new. It has been re-wired.

I have been playing the Bell exclusively since last writing. There is a second octave eFlat out on the RH with associated wheeze. everything else is ok.

I have put in new fingerings for chords. E.F. Hutton has me doing the minor seventh and then the same with a flatted fifth. play d minor. 3 on D 2 on the minor chord two buttons behind it. now use pinky to reach to f major hit 3-2-5 fingers pressing those notes for D-d-f-a-F-A-C and get a Dmin7 theb use pinky to alter the A to an Ab by moving from F major button to the F minor button with finger 5. there is the flatter fifth.

another new thing for me is making the major 7th courtesy of a 2-5 backwards maneauver. i am playing a tune with 4 sharps that is really C#min rather than E. i have to hit a D chord after a C# chord so i make a c double-sharp on a 2-5. another place in the same song i have to go form G# to A so I play g double sharp in the counterbass row. once you learn chromatic ascensions on the Stradella, you can get that half-step up everytime. also the half-step down, which i have used on a 2-5 also.


there is this vocal device for making anyone sound pitch-perfect. auto tuner or something like that. Cher believe in magic, most of the teeny boppettes, no wonder i am not suprised at how different some performers sound out of the studio in live performances.


dave matthews made a deal with the devil their new song on the new goo glucks gland cd is that good. sting has a Christmassy- album out. there is a cool video out by Blue October, an emo artsy harmonic group. the decemberists busked in Royal Oak, MI.


I still see "41"s everywhere.

Box of the Day

Ottavianelli Taxi


I can do major scales by fifths or by major seconds. but when i try to do minor scales, it is hard to do them by major seconds. Am,Bm,Cm, etc instead of amin,Emin,Bmin, etc. and I still feel good whn I play Abmin with no mistakes.

the lyrics are somewhat nihilistic, but i really, really enjoy hearing Dust in the Wind on Accordion. I am putting in the bass runs.

putting in more work than before. two-a-days, in StillerSpeak. You know, m like the Pixberg Stillers' trainin' camp an' 'at. What evs. It's a 'Burgh Thing. morning get 7, play onother 5 or 6. afternoon or around 7 pm, het the rest of the songs, rund some scales, and even do some old stuff like dream a little dream of me, spanish eyes, o sole mio, santa lucia. they are cliches, but the hands, they yearn for the familiar.


I am doing more desk work. each piece is annotated for Stradella. I puit in the sporano of the RH first unless mere inversions are readily apparent.


my fave chord is this wild purposefully disconsonant e nat-g-c# and eflat 8va it's a C& b3, wtretched out all Bill Evans-y.

--The best thing is that I have a feeling of discovery, attainment and accomplishment as I figure out how to play modern, relevant music on the greatest and hardest instrument of all: the 41/120 Piano Stradella Accordion.

Marines say, "Semper Fi!." Accordionists say, "Castel Fi!"

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